This is us...

He likes soccer, she likes photography.
She likes chocolate, he likes coffee.
He's organized, she's messy.
She likes singing, he likes listening.
He's technical, she's crafty.
She's optimistic, he's realistic.

Even though they might be different in some things,
they're alike in the most important ones...

like their faith in God and His word;
the joy they find in life, work, family and God's beautiful world;
the journey they have decided to walk together, full of struggles and trials,
but also joys, hope and assurance...

They're actually pretty ordinary, but they choose to express their lives creatively...
and so can you! 

So here we go...



In my attempt at becoming more organized, I've come up with FPF (Free Printable Friday).. because we all know how crazy life can get, adding some organization around here, might help the craziness a bit :). This also means you will be seeing a lot more action around the blog and I hope you are at least half as excited as I am!

Today I am bringing to all of you, special people, a pretty garland...

It is doily inspired and comes in two colors. And because I don't want to limit your possibilities with it, I am letting you write whatever you want in it. Use it for birthday parties, write your child's name, use it to inspire your space, etc.

And let me show you a trick to make this tiny version:

To make it this small, on your PDF, hit "File" and "Print":

Click on "Multiple":

Select "4" Pages per sheet (select 2 if you want a medium size and 6 if you want a smaller size), and choose "Landscape" orientation:

Hit Print and there you have it!
Download:    blue    pink
Stay inspired ♥


love mom

Well hello there! Long time no see. I know, I've been gone for so long but I am back with a new printable for mom! Oh, those beautiful mothers that steal our hearts with their amazing love...

(btw just so you know, the fd logo does not appear on the real printable)

I've been real busy lately (what a surprise), but I've needed some time to refocus on my health. Also have been pretty busy at work doing some pretty fun stuff, those are the reasons for my lack of posts but I've been preparing new ones for the near future. OK well take care and see you next time.