Happy Holidays - mini cards

Happy Weekend! And welcome again to the 25 days of Printable Christmas event here at Falala Designs :)
The printable of today is a pair of mini holiday cards that you can print in a letter size page:

Spread the cheer of the holiday season with a caring note to a friend! Download here.


Luke 2:14

Hi there! I almost don't make it today on time with the printable of today. I just wasn't having the best day, I felt like I went back to my first trimester...but tomorrow is a new day, hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow :)

So today I'm posting a chalkboard printable, the chalkboard look is so popular today, but I decided to make it a bit different using different colors of "chalk", instead of using just white:

Download here.
See you again tomorrow. Remember to share the love! :)


Candy Cane Poem

Have you heard about what the Candy Cane represents? I just learned about it last year and it blew me away! I had no idea, and I think it's pretty cool. Even if it's just a candy, it can remind you of some pretty important stuff. I decided to make a printable about it, and found this cute poem to use with it:

This is an 8x10 printable that you can download here. Print and share! Be sure to come back for more printables!


Christmas Gift Tags

Hi there again! I am back with the 7th day of Printable Christmas and I had to make some gift tags. There's space for you to write anything, could be a name, or a message, or both!

As always, you can download for free here. Hope you like it! Don't forget to come check back tomorrow for the new Christmas printable :)


Christmas Sweater Design

I've really enjoyed the coming back of the Christmas Sweaters, I think the new versions are pretty cool, so they've inspired me to make a new 8x10 printable:

I will be offering a couple more variations of Christmas Sweater designs in the following week. Hope you like it! Download here.


'Tis the Season!

On the fifth day of Printable Christmas I bring you another holiday card, I figured you'd want a variety to choose from. 
Download over here :)


Wonderful Counselor...

Hello! I am just dropping by really quick with the new Christmas printable:

It is an 8x10 design to be displayed on a frame, but really, you can do almost anything you want with it :). You can download it here.


Little Paper Ornaments

Today is the 3rd day of Printable Christmas, and I decided to be a little more creative this time. I made some  diy ornaments that are cute and pretty inexpensive! I really wanted to decorate my tree with some nutcrackers this year and I saw these at West Elm, but truth is I've already spent more money on Christmas stuff than I had planned, so I decided to make my own paper version:

You can download the printable templates over here. I printed mine in cardstock paper and just added glue and glitter. For the diamond, you will need to cut only the outside lines, the inside lines you will fold! Make sure that before you completely close the diamond, you put your little ribbon inside, coming out from the top, so that you are able to hang it later! Enjoy some crafty time :)


Joy to the World...

Hi guys, I am a little late with the post today but I've had a great day. I slept awesomely, didn't need the alarm to get up, made a yummy breakfast for my sister and hubby and we just got back from having a delicious dinner with friends. There's tons to be grateful for, not just today but everyday.
I hope you are having a great thanksgiving! I never grew up celebrating it, but when I think about it, I think everyday should be a thanksgiving day, to gather with family, have an awesome meal and express why we are thankful in our lives. But it's good to have one day to remember to do all those things. Anyways, today is also the second day of Printable Christmas, so let's move on to that:

This is an 8x10 printable that reminds us of the reason for celebrating Christmas. The Lord came to earth! so let's be joyful for that! Download here :)


On the first day of Printable Christmas...

Welcome to the first day of printable Christmas here at the falala designs blog. I've had quite a bit of fun designing all the printables that are coming in the next 25 days, just in time for the holiday. Today you can download this cozy and minty Christmas card:

Hope you like it! You can download it here. I will be back tomorrow with more freebies, hope to see you here again ;)


Christmas peek

Hi! how have you been? I know I disappeared for a while, and I have big news to share with you pretty soon, but today I want to give you a sneak of what's coming to the blog for Christmas (best season ever)! :
Wait for it! I have been working on this project for a while and can't wait to start sharing them with you. I'll be back this weekend to share other big news ;). see ya!