boy or girl?...

IT'S A GIRL! and we are so thrilled and excited! I can't hide my joy!

You might have noticed that I've already started pinning stuff for the little baby girl...
There's a lot of planning yet ahead and I can hardly wait to start decorating her room ♥.

I am now 23 weeks pregnant and I can't believe how fast time has passed. It's great to be able to feel her moving in there now and I just pray she'll be ok and healthy.

- - -
Little baby girl, we love you so much already
and can't wait to meet you!
- - -


Joy Collage

I felt a little inspired today and made an artsy christmas collage. I am changing some of the prints on my frames and I wanted something winterish, so I made this:

Hope you like it! Download this collage here.


Sweet Christmas Cards

Do you plan to give goodies to friends and neighbors for Christmas? Today's printable are two little cards that are perfect for that. Wish them a sweet Christmas with one of these:

Both designs come in one printable page that you can download here.


Peppermint Christmas

Today's printable is a little different, I decided to make some patterned prints that you can use for scrapbooking or craft projects! or as wrapping paper or card making, etc. etc.......... :)

As always, download is free here. Please note that the file is large, so it might take a little to download, but be patient, it's worth the wait :) Have fun with this printable!


Little Christmas Garland

Hello there! Christmas is getting so close! I'm getting so excited, yesterday we got snow and it's looking a lot like Christmas, finally! Today I decided to make a little Christmas Garland:

I will make sure to take a picture of it soon and post it here, so you can see how pretty it looks! Download this file over here.


Christmas Wreath Card

The printable of today is another lovely Christmas card:

Hope you like it! Download here.

Our Christmas Tree this Year...

We went a little rustic this year, I wanted a fairly simple Christmas this time. Sometimes it's so easy for me to forget that the first Christmas was very humble and simple, I like to overdo it sometimes. And I guess it's ok to overdo it sometimes, because I get so happy for Christmas that I want to make it the best, but this year I wanted a different Christmas. I wanted to reflect the humility of Jesus coming as a baby, laid on a manger.

You can see on some of the pictures, the paper ornaments I made on this blog post. Check out our tree time lapse:   


Holiday Gift Tags

Christmas is getting closer and closer! I'm getting more and more in the spirit for these printables :).
For today's printable, I've created a new set of gift tags:
Download them here.


Thrill of Hope

Hello! I am back once again, with a holiday printable. This one was actually requested by a reader, and I loved her idea. 

How beautiful that night must've been! Seriously.
You can download it over here.
I'll be back tomorrow, see you then :)


Snowman Family Card

So... some of you might have noticed that there was no printable yesterday...!! I know, it sucks :( I wasn't feeling so good and I was not able to post it, I went to bed early...like, -super- early. But my pregnant body really needed it, and this morning I felt great after my long sleep. So, I apologize for not posting yesterday, but I promise I am making up for it with tonight's printable:

Tonight's printable is a holiday card, with a super cute snowman family. I've made several options, for families of different sizes! There's even the couple one ♥. I've left a little bit of a space at the bottom so you can sign your name, either put the family name, or the name of each of the members of the family. Be creative! I'd love to see what you do with it. You can download this printable here.


Christmas Subway Art

It's really hard to capture what Christmas is in words. This is one of my attempts to do that. I might not have been totally succesful, but I think it was a pretty good try, what do you think?

You may download this printable following this link