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Hi! As promised, here I am explaining my busyness :) I had mentioned on this post that I had decided to go part time on my job, so that I would have more time for other things around my home, but...well, that's not going to happen anymore. I actually really enjoy my job and for now I will keep working full time and just try to be more organized with my free time so that I can accomplish all my other activities. So, that's why I don't blog as much...but ALSO lately I've been working on this:

It's unbelievable the time that it has taken me to get this organized and I'm actually not even done! I've made good progress though, wouldn't you say? Up until last week I still had boxes from when we moved to our home (last October) unpacked! So I had to get all that out and organized. I will post more pictures as I get it all done :)

And guess what? as if I had lots of free time to design, I did another design for the Easter season, one that means a lot to me:

download  here.

Tomorrow is Monday! have an awesome week!


Hello Everybunny!

Hi! It's been a while....sorry about that, and I don't have much time to explain tonight my long absence on the blog, soooo I will get to the good part: cute printable!

And here it is:

Enjoy! and I promise I will be back during the weekend to explain why I've been gone so long! Also, stay tuned because lovely things are coming to the falala place this spring.Take care!


...love printable...

I received some comments asking if I could make the love printable available in more colors, and since this printable has been a favorite for a while now, I've decided I'd do it...so... here they are! I'm so happy with the colors I chose this time, hope you like them too! I made a few modifications to it too, there was a couple of things I wasn't completely happy with and I think it turned out pretty sweet:

I probably went a little crazy with the color options, but I wanted to offer a good variety :)

Download here.

On a different note, look what I've been working on:

fabric garland tut source.

Yes, I'm finally starting to get some things done around my office (more pictures to come soon).