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Hi! As promised, here I am explaining my busyness :) I had mentioned on this post that I had decided to go part time on my job, so that I would have more time for other things around my home, but...well, that's not going to happen anymore. I actually really enjoy my job and for now I will keep working full time and just try to be more organized with my free time so that I can accomplish all my other activities. So, that's why I don't blog as much...but ALSO lately I've been working on this:

It's unbelievable the time that it has taken me to get this organized and I'm actually not even done! I've made good progress though, wouldn't you say? Up until last week I still had boxes from when we moved to our home (last October) unpacked! So I had to get all that out and organized. I will post more pictures as I get it all done :)

And guess what? as if I had lots of free time to design, I did another design for the Easter season, one that means a lot to me:

download  here.

Tomorrow is Monday! have an awesome week!

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  1. Tienes un  blog precioso, gracias por compartir.Saludos.Jose