I've moved!

I've decided that the best thing to do is move my blog and combine it with my website, sounds like a pretty logical thing to do, right? then I don't know why I didn't do it sooner! Anyway, it is happening right now, it's all moved to my website that you can visit by following this link: http://falaladesignsweb.com/

Here are the new social media buttons that you can follow to subscribe if you want to see all the updates. The RSS and Bloglovin addresses have changed, so if you were already subscribed to any of those, you might want to do it again:





little note to my daughter...

Dear baby girl,
It's so hard to believe how much you've grown. You cannot imagine how much joy you bring to my heart everyday. And it seems like, as you grow, so does my love for you. I cannot wait for all the adventures that are coming our way. Please don't ever forget that I am here for you, I will help you when you need me. 


Christmas/Winter 4x3 printables

Hi! Can't believe Christmas is just around the corner! This year went by way too fast, specially since I spent 2 months living in a hospital while my daughter was in the NICU and now I can't believe she's almost 9 months! Seriously, feels like the older you get, the faster years go by, or am I crazy? 
Anyways, for today's printable I decided to make some 4x3 Christmas designs that can be used for project life, card making, or other projects... 

 Download right here & enjoy!


Printable Holiday Labels

If you are looking for some great labels for the holidays, check out these I created for worldlabel.com. They are inspired by watercolor and glitter and you can download them for free! Just hop on over to their blog.

easy diy ornaments!

Here's how you can give old Christmas ornaments a lift:
I used some cheap Christmas balls I had from a long time ago that I wasn't going to use again.

1. Just paint them with chalk paint and done! oh and I also added a little ribbon to top it off. Then just write away, you could even write a message for someone and use as a gift. So easy and cute!

2. I painted other balls with regular acrylic paint in different colors to go with my rustic/crafty theme this year. Then just use a metallic sharpie to decorate!

I really enjoyed doing these and they were so easy!


It's nice to be nice

Hi! Welcome to my new feature undertaking, Free Printable of the Month...

Every first Friday of every month I will be posting a new free printable on my blog. I decided I had to change things up a little, doing a printable every week was not going to work for me anymore, and I really want to offer you guys good quality designs [ quality over quantity :) ], so that's what's starting today with this cute print:

"It's nice to be nice" printable - 10x10


hello again!

So, I've taken a long break from this blog, but feeling quite ready to come back! My daughter is almost 6 months already and I am finally feeling like I am getting used to this new life as a mom. I am loving it, it's a lot busier for sure, but I wouldn't change this experience for anything. You might be seeing more of baby Amaliah in this blog in the future, I would like to save some of our memories here. But of course, I will keep designing, so new stuff will be coming soon! Thank you to all those who waited ;) See you soon!


the littlest things

Our tiny miracle is home! It's been 3 weeks since we were finally able to bring her with us and we are so happy to have her home. She weighs 3 times her birth weight and doing well. In honor of her homecoming, I made this printable...
(quote by Winnie the Pooh).

You can download the full resolution printable following this link.

Remembering our baby when she was littlest. Doing Kangaroo Care at the NICU.


joy has come!

Amaliah was born premature at 30 weeks, but she's a little trooper. She's feisty and very strong, and has been doing very well. Her early coming is one of the main reasons for the lack of activity in the blog. My lupus started flaring up again in the last weeks and I wasn't feeling so well.  My body started showing signs of preeclampsia and the doctors decided it was time for Amaliah Joy to arrive to avoid any risks. She's a week old now and we are so proud of her progress and growth. She is currently under neonatal intensive care, and I have decided to stick around the hospital so I can be close to her. I have started a little blog to document her progress and send updates to friends and family. You are welcome to stop by anytime if you would like to know how she's doing. Here is the link.

I am hoping I can get used to a new routine and be able to start designing some new printables, but for the moment being, all my focus and time is given to her. Thank you for sticking around even though I haven't been giving away freebie printables lately! I promise I will make it up to you once I feel ready to start again! :)


Little Love Notes

Hi there! I've missed designing for this blog! I decided it was time for a new printable, the first one of the year actually, yikes! So I've made some cutsie little love cards:

Hope you like the new printable!
Download, print, and give to the special people in your life.

You can download this new printable over here.