oh so blessed...

Welcome to another FPF!
Today I feel blessed, not because I'm tired for working extra hours all week, but because I have an great job where I get to be creative and love it. Today I feel blessed, not because I feel like I haven't seen my husband so much this week, but because he works hard to provide for our home and because he's been able to play  his favorite sport (soccer) and we'll be able to spend time together this weekend. Today I feel blessed because we can look forward to a day of rest... Why do you feel blessed today?

We are blessed (printable)
Download the new free printable here.


  1. Very beautiful and well designed!  Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this printables :) The teens at the shelter where I work are going to be using your images to transfer onto candles for a Christmas present for their mothers. This is awesome!!

  3. that is awesome! thank you so much for sharing that! makes my heart happy :)

  4. Amy @ Lucky Number13January 1, 2013 at 10:10 PM

    i came across this on Pinterest and just wanted to say thank you!! i can't wait to print this and hang it in my dining room. i love it!!

  5. So so pretty. Love what you wrote too - so hard at times to see the good, but turning a negative that we're feeling around to see the positive side is one of the ways I have managed to think of something to be thankful for each day (as I am doing a 30 Days of Thankfulness series in my Project Life album). This printable will be perfect - THANKS!

  6. Thank you Rachel! So glad you liked it and found a use for it :) I have this print in my home also, to remind me I have more than I need, He always provides!