Hi there,
Today I am painting my once beautiful red kitchen, blue! :o
Truth is I am a little scared because it is going to be a big change, but hopefully the kitchen will look even prettier. I am excited to share the turn out in the next few days! I've been wanting to paint it ever since we moved in but it's hard to find the time to do it and my husband hates mess, so whenever we do projects around the house, it can't take more than a weekend or else he goes crazy ^_^... that, actually I like from him because that makes me want to get it done faster. But so that reminds me I should probably be painting...got to go, but will come back later with some pictures of the progress.

Oh and by the way, I am sorry there was no FPF yesterday, my lovely computer is broken, and I don't have all my programs and files on this other one, but I will get it fixed pretty soon and will be back next week with another pretty printable. :)

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