hello again!

So, I've taken a long break from this blog, but feeling quite ready to come back! My daughter is almost 6 months already and I am finally feeling like I am getting used to this new life as a mom. I am loving it, it's a lot busier for sure, but I wouldn't change this experience for anything. You might be seeing more of baby Amaliah in this blog in the future, I would like to save some of our memories here. But of course, I will keep designing, so new stuff will be coming soon! Thank you to all those who waited ;) See you soon!


  1. pas de problème : nous attendrons toujours vos jolies créations, mais la plus importante de toutes est ce joli bébé que je suis heureuse de voir ainsi : j'ai suivi votre blog sur sa naissance et la voir si belle et si forte à 6 mois est un bonheur !... et ce n'est qu'un début : je vous souhaite de longues années heureuses tous les trois, avec son papa...

  2. Hi,

    just found your blog and I'm enthusiastic about your work...such beautiful printables. My best friend is having her birthday tomorrow and I found here a perfect card. :-) Thank you a lot.
    Lots of love Lila

  3. Thank you so much for your comment!

  4. I am so glad you found something you can use :)