So grateful 4U and bday pictures!

Truth is I am extremely grateful today. I started this blog at the beginning of January this year, and I've already received lovely messages and comments about my designs that bring me such joy! Thank you to the blogs that featured some of my printables! like Mommy's Idea Notebook (by the way, she's got a nice picture of the Love Printable), also thanks to Coupon Gurl for sharing the Mini Valentine Cards, and look at this lovely packaging from Dos Borreguitas! also featuring the mini valentine cards :)

And how better to show my gratitude than with another lovely printable!

This is a card that comes in two different colors AND....you can put YOUR OWN MESSAGE!
How cool is that?!

What will you write in it?
Click over here to download and enjoy!


  1. You are awesome! Just from reading through your blog I know if we met in real life we would be instant friends. Your blog reveals someone who is beautiful inside and out--just thought I would put that out there:)
    LOOOVe the printables, lovely!

    1. Thank you so much, you are so nice! Glad you like the printables :)

  2. You guys are so sweet!  I'm so glad to call you friends!!

  3. Hi. I just LOVE these lovely printable cards of yours. SO cool that you let us type our own messages in them! Thank you so much! I make printables too, and I have a blog where I share both my own projects and links to projects made by others. I hope it's ok that I shared one of your pictures of the cards and the link to this post (my blog is in Norwegian, but you may try Google translate): 
    http://gidetvidere.blogspot.com/2012/04/falala-belaktig.html . Keep up your extremely talented work. Wish you all the best! Irene.

  4. Thank you so much Irene, I am very glad you can share them with more people!  You have a very lovely blog there, Google translate is very helpful :)