Joy to the World...

Hi guys, I am a little late with the post today but I've had a great day. I slept awesomely, didn't need the alarm to get up, made a yummy breakfast for my sister and hubby and we just got back from having a delicious dinner with friends. There's tons to be grateful for, not just today but everyday.
I hope you are having a great thanksgiving! I never grew up celebrating it, but when I think about it, I think everyday should be a thanksgiving day, to gather with family, have an awesome meal and express why we are thankful in our lives. But it's good to have one day to remember to do all those things. Anyways, today is also the second day of Printable Christmas, so let's move on to that:

This is an 8x10 printable that reminds us of the reason for celebrating Christmas. The Lord came to earth! so let's be joyful for that! Download here :)

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