Christmas Subway Art

It's really hard to capture what Christmas is in words. This is one of my attempts to do that. I might not have been totally succesful, but I think it was a pretty good try, what do you think?

You may download this printable following this link


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your printables. Found them via Pintrest. Unfortunately I can't seem to print them? I am using a MacBook.....is that the reason??

  2. I'm so sorry Amy, I thought I had answered to your comment. Using a mac shouldn't be a problem, are you able to download the PDF files to your computer? Saving them to your computer and printing from there might help(?) I really don't know why it is not working for you :(

  3. j'aime aussi ce choix de couleurs : plus "classiques", elles s'accorderont parfaitement avec beaucoup de d├ęcorations !... merci de partager votre talent...