Snowman Family Card

So... some of you might have noticed that there was no printable yesterday...!! I know, it sucks :( I wasn't feeling so good and I was not able to post it, I went to bed early...like, -super- early. But my pregnant body really needed it, and this morning I felt great after my long sleep. So, I apologize for not posting yesterday, but I promise I am making up for it with tonight's printable:

Tonight's printable is a holiday card, with a super cute snowman family. I've made several options, for families of different sizes! There's even the couple one ♥. I've left a little bit of a space at the bottom so you can sign your name, either put the family name, or the name of each of the members of the family. Be creative! I'd love to see what you do with it. You can download this printable here.

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  1. j'adore cette idée !!!... si originale et adorable !... merci pour ce cadeau - et tous les autres !